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The Phoenix Tax Care is a local company owned and operated by community members. Our organization exists to offer options and resources to anyone in the area who may be falling behind on their property taxes and at risk of losing their home to an upcoming tax sale.

We understand the process is not fair and most people either don't understand the steps or what they can do to avoid losing everything at tax sale. Local real estate professionals have come together and created the Phoenix Tax Care to offer information, resources, and even assistance to anyone here in ARIZONA who needs help!

Teammates are on staff from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and can be reached at (623) 343-0102 or by email at support@phoenixtaxcare.org

The process is simple and our team is here to assist!

Step 1: Pick up the phone and call us at (623) 343-0102 or go back to the main page and submit the information we need to have a teammate call you back. You can send a text or even leave a voicemail it no one is available.

Step 2: Tell us a little more about what happened and what the county is telling you about any past due property taxes.

Step 3: Our team will set a time to call you back and review the options, resources, or assistance that may be available to helping avoid any upcoming tax sale.

Step 4: Save our phone number email support@phoenixtaxcare.org to your contacts. If you have questions or even have an update to what we're already helping you with just let us know!


Webpage: www.phoenixtaxcare.org  Email: support@phoenixtaxcare.org 

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